Caffeine and Kilos

Throughout my career I have met some incredible people.  I have had a lot of chances to help and work with some amazing individuals.  With my journey starting this blog I never thought that I would even be a writer or someone that people look to for advice in the field I am in.  ActuallyContinue reading “Caffeine and Kilos”

National Harbor Food and Wine Festival

I bought the tickets months ago for Veronica’s birthday.  Finally, the end of April was upon us and it was time to enjoy a day on the water in National Harbor for the Food and Wine Festival.  This was something that we had been looking forward to for some time.  After packing some snacks, VeronicaContinue reading “National Harbor Food and Wine Festival”

A Few Days in Charlottesville, Va

The anticipation, the excitement, and the feeling of seeing a new place yet again.  I have never been to Charlottesville, VA before and why not now?  Having friends that live there make it that much better and now after my first experience there, I want to back. This would be the first time seeing whereContinue reading “A Few Days in Charlottesville, Va”

The Chicken Farmer

Have you ever thought about having Chickens?  I have multiple times and have always wondered what it would be like having them at my home.  These past few weekends my next door neighbor has come over and we have discussed partnering to raise a bunch of chickens.  Not knowing what goes into this venture, we haveContinue reading “The Chicken Farmer”

BBQ & Smoken on the off days

There comes a time in every chefs life to start experimentation.  I have always loved BBQ, the smell, the caramelizing of the meat, the sauce and most of all the long slow cooking process it endures.  The only thing was I have never really dove into the actual process myself until recently.  I mean IContinue reading “BBQ & Smoken on the off days”