Books of Inspiration

Below is a list of books that I find inspiration.  Through these books I learn why it is done.  I find that consistently going though cookbooks and learning about Chefs as well as their techniques helps me to greater understand our craft.  This keeps my skills and knowledge to the forefront of my mind as I explore.

  1. Modernist Cuisine
  2. Tartine Book No3
  3. A New Napa Cuisine
  4. The Flavor Bible
  5. Anthony Bourdain’s Les Halles Cookbook
  6. Alinea: Grant Achatz
  7. Fanklin BBQ
  8. Sea and Smoke
  9. Smoke and Pickles
  10. Morimoto
  11. Eleven Madison Park

This is just a list of a few cook books that I have.  I consistently push myself to read about these revolutionary Chefs and what drives them.  To me knowledge is key in this business and the more you study, practice and develop you will continue to rise.


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