Caffeine and Kilos

1464369134556Throughout my career I have met some incredible people.  I have had a lot of chances to help and work with some amazing individuals.  With my journey starting this blog I never thought that I would even be a writer or someone that people look to for advice in the field I am in.  Actually it has turned into something quite the opposite, I am writing not only for myself but for and amazing company.  Caffeine and Kilos has asked me to write for their blog once a month. In these articles I will be touching on foods in season and ways you can use them.  This is and honor, and as I post things on their blog I will post them here as well, either through a link or directly having the article here as well.

I would like to thank Charlie Zamora and the rest of the Caffeine and Kilos team for their support and taking the time to let someone like me influence people though my crazy fun life through food.

Check out the latest article here:

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I am the Chef de Cuisine at Chevy Chase Club in Chevy Chase, Maryland and I have worked at many other clubs on the West Coast. I am from Sacramento, California and moved out to Maryland almost 2 years ago.

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